As we venture down the path of turning “making” from a hobby to a business/career the issue of self doubt and value often arises. As makers we often take for granted the abilities and creativity that we have.  The reality is very few people in modern society have the skills to build things or repair and fix everyday items around their home, or the creativity to come up with new “things”.  Like Homer and his spice rack, even the simplest of projects can go off the rails when that core element is not present in one’s DNA…

This realization is even harder when you come from a family that has been making for generations, your point of reference is skewed to the world as a whole and you assume that everyone can do the things you do, and thus your talents aren’t special or unique. What we take as second nature and obvious is a gift that many do not have.

The first big step is realizing that these skills are unique and valuable and belong to the few and not the majority. Makers are a rare & special breed, be proud of that and share it to with less “fortunate”.

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