BlueRobotics Tether-X Enclosure

Status: Completed

As part of our build-out on the BlueRobotics BlueROV2, which we use the Fathom-X tether interface board, we designed a simple 3D printed enclosure to help protect the board from damage.

The design was created in SketchUp and printed in PLA on a MakerBot Replicator 2, however it should work on most printers with either PLA or ABS with minor tweaking.

The top attaches with M3 screws that self thread into the printed holes of the main case.  Fit may be dependant on printer settings.  CA or other glue/eposxy can be used to fill the holes for a tighter fit if needed.

This design is meant as a simple protective enclosure for damage from bumps and other light impacts.  It is not intended to be waterproof.

The files are provided for use free of charge, we only ask that they are not resold or shared directly beyond this blog posting.

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