When it comes to maker podcasts there can never be too many, and we always welcome new players to fill our weekly listening lineup.  A new group on the scene with 3 episodes (as of this writing) under their Internet belt is The Modern Maker Podcast.

The Modern Maker Podcast is a weekly podcast about making things by hand. From wood, to concrete, to leather, our hosts Ben Uyeda, Chris Salomone, and Mike Montgomery chat about what it’s like to be a “Maker” it’s current state.

So far we like what we have heard, great group of diverse makers offering their spin on the maker scene with a very well produced podcast.  We will be making them part of our weekly listening and suggest you give them a listen as well.

Website: https://www.modernmakerpodcast.com/
ITunes: The Modern Maker Podcast – Mike Montgomery, Ben Uyeda, Chris Salomone

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