Weekly podcast that discusses upcycling and making with reclaimed materials. Hosts: Phil Pinsky, Tim Sway, and Bill Lutes

The podcast http://www.reclaimedaudiopodcast.com/ features weekly topics related to making with lots of friendly banter, sarcasm, and updates on what projects the guys have on their bench and what they are watching on the Intertubes.

While the central theme of the podcast focuses on woodworking using reclaimed/recycled materials, many of the topics cover areas beyond this such as selling out to sponsors, upping your maker game, downsizing your shop, and many more broader discussions that many makers will find interesting.

Our podcast is all about living the upcycling making lifestyle. We are three makers that came together to share our experience, tell our stories, and help others do the same.

Website: http://www.reclaimedaudiopodcast.com/
ITunes: Reclaimed Audio Podcast – Phil Pinsky, Tim Sway, Bill Lutes

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