Been a while since we’ve done a Maker Spotlight so time for a new one.

This time we’d like to share a great grass roots maker focused podcast – Maker Vision Podcast

As per their iTunes description:

Welcome to the Maker Vision podcast. A podcast where we help you take your ideas from a dream to reality. Each episode, we’ll cover topics to help you overcome frustrations we all encounter in our maker community. I’m Trevor Wanamaker a part time maker running and my co-host Stephen Ellis is a part time woodworker running Old South Woodcraft.

We have both encountered bumps and pitfalls along the road we call “making” and we are using this podcast to help you avoid the same pitfalls.

They also now have a female perspective with co-host Martina from Knotty by Nature Woodworking.

The podcast focuses on issues facing new makers, those doing it part time as well as full time, and the challenges that come from the process of starting and growing your hobby & business.

Unlike some of the larger more well established podcasts from the big maker names, Maker Vision has a real underdog and down to earth genuine feel.

Definitely worth a listen for those new to making or feeling the stress of being alone in the big pool or makers. These guys show you are not alone.



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