One of the more diverse makers today, covering topics from woodworking, metal, CNC, 3D printing, electronics, cosplay and just about everything in between is Bob Clagett of I Like to Make Stuff.

He is one of the growing community of makers that has turned his part time hobby into a full time career, giving up his past life in the software industry (one we know all too well ourselves) in 2015.  He does this while still striking a balance with his role as husband and father to four, which are the another great passions in his life.

Bob’s approach is a mix of teaching and inspiration and he has a very clean, structured approach to presenting projects and ideas that empowers anyone at any skill level to give making a try in terms anyone can understand. He takes a project based approach to most of the items he presents, having an end goal in mind that interests him as opposed to some YouTubers that often take a random project to show specific skills.  His broad range of interests and topics keep the channel  fresh and new, not becoming bogged down in any one area.

“As a kid, I built everything in my head, with cardboard, Legos or whatever I could find. It doesn’t matter what the material is, or what it’s for… I love making stuff.  I love showing other people how I work, hopefully to inspire and empower them to make whatever it is that they’re passionate about.”


As well as running his own website and YouTube channel, Bob also is also 1/3rd of the Making It Podcast trio, the one that tries to keep things on track as the discussions often take many interesting side roads.

For more insight into Bob’s background and what he does, check him out on this episode of MakerCast.

Find more on Bob and his work:

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