This maker resource is not focused on a single specific maker, but on a YouTube video series about makers – Raw Craft.

The series, now in it’s second season, sponsored by The Balvenie distillery and hosted by Anthony Bourdain, spotlights craftsman, artisans, makers, or whatever term you want to use for unique people doing unique skilled jobs by hand in traditional manners.

The videos are typically short, running under 15 mins, and focus on the people as much as the work, giving an insight into why people chose to take the road less traveled in life to do something that may seem the hard way, but that gives them joy and purpose in their life & work. It is about showing how you can find a balance doing what you enjoy over working for pure money alone.

In the new series, Raw Craft, Anthony Bourdain and The Balvenie give viewers an inspiring behind the scenes look inside the workshops of some of the most talented, creative and hardworking craftspeople in America. In The Balvenie sprit, Bourdain will uncover the true meaning of craftsmanship and provide unique insight into the dedication and sacrifice required to produce everyday items by hand. In this clip from the series, Anthony Bourdain gives his take on expressing interesting things.

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