To say Michael Craughwell aka Michaelcthulhu is unique maker would be the understatement of the century. Self described lunatic and known to many from the short lived Discovery Channel series Big Giant Swords, he makes, well, BIG – GIANT – SWORDS.

I make Giant Swords. I sell them to people. People like you.

A transplanted Irishman, Mike lives and works at his rural home in Martha’s Vineyard building unique fantasy & video game inspired huge weapons and documents the process along the way.  A welder by trade, Mike brings his unique character into how and what he makes, designing and building his project by hand in what many would consider non traditional ways.

From shirtless welding, drill press lathe work, to his custom spit collecting respirator, there is nothing boring or typical about Michaelcthulhu.  The focus is on metal working, but he is not a blacksmith or your standard metal smith; traditionalist will no doubt cringe watching how he works, but creative types will love the one of a kind problem solving skills Mike throws at every problem.

Part artists and part mad scientist, his projects are a reflection of who he is and what he enjoys, and he embodies the maker lifestyle, doing what he loves and working hard to support his family over looking to get rich.

His build videos are looooong and a look into the complete process for a given project but some of the most informative and entertaining long form videos we have watched.  In addition, his sporadic Q&A videos and talks to groups let his fans ask Mike questions that most often have weird and wonderful answers, further building on his character.



Checkout Mike here:

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