For those looking to get into CNC routing one of the best resources around is BiIl Griggs who runs CNC Router Tips.

He has been building, designing, programming CNC Routers for over 15 years. As Bill describes himself:

Hi, I’m BiIl Griggs and I am a Father, Writer, Maker, Tinkerer, Innovator, Jazz Hack, Woodworker, Volunteer and Entrepreneur. I have been building CNC machines since 1999 and I built my first CNC Router table in 2005…(read more)

In addition to the website & podcast, Bill also runs the CNC Router Tips Facebook group, a great community of people sharing projects and ideas with lots of peer help.

For a bit more about Bill and his discussions on CNC checkout his interview on MakerCast – Bill Griggs’ CNC Router Tips Help You Cut Through The Confusion

Check Bill out at:

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