As we venture down the path of adding airbrushing to our shop skillset we have been reviewing various online resources for beginners to learn the basic ins and outs of the art.  Here are some of the more useful and easy to understand beginner level videos/channels on the topic:

Table Minions has a great series of beginning airbrushing with a focus towards tabletop miniatures:


Airbrushtutor has a great series of airbrushing tutorial videos from beginner to more advanced techniques, with a humorous approach to presenting the material: has a good intro video to getting started in airbrushing:


They also have a decent video that shows how to disassemble and clean your airbrsush:


OrcPainterNerd is another good channel with tutorials, reviews, and techniques for airbrushing with a focus on miniatures and models:


There are many more great videos and resources that a quick Google or YouTube search will return, these are just a short selection of the ones we found as a great starting point down the rabbit hole of airbrushing.

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