The recent viral explosion of #actuallivingscientist on Twitter really drives home the point of the true everyday heroes around us in the shadows that we all too often overlook that are doing amazing work that benefits us all. As someone with a background in the sciences (Bachelor of Computer Science with Industrial Engineering) and married to a Chemical Engineer, it is easy to take for granted these everyday folks that do important everyday work.  Society all too often idolizes the sports stars and celebrities and forgets those truly making change in the world, and this movement really helps to drive that to the forefront.

Taking this in a related but slightly different direction we thought it might be cool to start a related movement to promote the makers in that motivate & inspire us, and that help make the world a more fun and better place through their craft and art.  We have been trying to do this via our blog for sometime now via the Maker Spotlight section but would like to see if we can spread it wider.

To that end I’d like to see if we can share our favorite “makers” with the #actuallivingmaker hashtag.  If there is a maker that touched your life give them a shout out and tag them with #actuallivingmaker to show them that they make a difference in your day to day life, if even in even a small way.

This is not intended to take away from the #actuallivingscientist but to expand on the idea. Be sure to also keep sharing your #actuallivingscientist as well to keep that trending and in the minds of everyone.

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