schooner labs is a proud distributor for the BlueRobotics line of ROV systems and components.  From individual components for custom ROV development through to complete systems like the BlueROV2, BlueRobotics strives to make underwater research and discovery accessible to all through their affordable and reliable products.

The BlueROV2 is the most capable, flexible, & affordable ROV on the market. With a 6-thruster vectored configuration, open-source electronics and software, and plenty of expandability, it’s the perfect ROV for inspections, research, and adventuring. The BlueROV2 provides the capabilities of a high-end mini-ROV at the price of the most basic commercial ROVs.

In addition to the complete BlueROV2 system, we also provide a complete line of parts for the creation of custom underwater systems.  From the T100 & T200 thrusters that started it all for BlueRobotics, through to watertight enclosures, tethers, cables, sensors, lighting, penetrators and more, we can provide the components to complete your next project.

Contact us for details on how we can assist in your next underwater venure.

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