Kremvh’s Tooth Replica

Status: In Progress

This project is to create a cosplay replica of Kremvh’s Tooth.  The plan is to carve/CNC the base model in MDF and cast and mold the final in silicone and resin.

Kremvh’s Tooth is a unique machete found in Fallout 4.  As denoted in the Fallout Wiki:

The unique weapon “Kremvh’s Tooth” is a religious item tied to the semi-Lovecraftian god Ug-Qualtoth as a sacrificial knife, and a tool for the religious wars that it was likely created for use in – either before the advent of the first civilized nations, or in the darker eras after the Great War (the use of pre-war tech and formal “modern” company e-mails suggests the former).

The initial design, which formed the basis for the CNC file was created in Illustrator & SketchUp.  Game based imagery was collected and imported into Illustrator around which a vector outline was drawn.  This was then imported to SketchUp for further cleanup and layout for the CNC G-Code creation. The outline for the cuts were then created as G-Code from SketchUp using SketchUCam and processed through the CNC router via LinuxCNC.

Once the core shapes were cut the process then moved on you final shaping by hand and via aid of Dremel rotary tool and other small hand tools.

Shaping is still in progress, more to come as time permits…

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