IKEA Hack – iPhone Wireless Charger

Status: Completed
Last Updated: Nov 7 2017

With the iPhone 8 and X now released many more people will be looking for wireless charging stations. This IKEA hack uses a Qi-compatible charger and a cork coaster to make a sleek, inexpensive, charging hub for wireless conduction charged devices.

The project uses the IKEA RÄLLEN charger, designed for mounting within furniture and IKEA 365+ 10cm cork coaster.

The inverted coaster acts as a base/stand for the charger, allowing it to sit on any flat surface, and removing the need for mounting it within the surface directly as the stock charger requires, as it does not have a self contained flat bottom to sit level. With a few simple tools – Xacto knife, file/rasp, & hot glue gun and a trip to IKEA you can create a simple clean looking Qi compatible charge station.


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